COVID-19 Update on EDGE operations from CEO

I would like to provide an update on EDGE’s operations given the current situation regarding the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

Like everyone, we are monitoring the Scottish and UK government advice. We are communicating regularly as a team to understand and plan for the potential impacts on how run our competition and support our existing businesses and new applicants. I’d like to share some of our initial approach to this.

Working Remotely

Firstly, after some considerable time spent trying to figure out how to switch to office phone to divert, the EDGE team have now gone entirely remote, working from home but keeping in regular contact with each other and those who depend on our support. We are fortunate that our robust and secure CRM system is accessible to us outwith* the office premises, and our team are well equipped for remote working. So, it’s business as (un)usual.

Round 16

Second, with the pandemic hitting in the midst of our current competition round, the safety of all involved, from judges and assessors to applicants and host organisations, must take priority. We’re very aware, however, that this is a very worrying time for businesses and access to funding is perhaps more of a concern now than ever.

We are keen therefore that Round 16 continues to follow the schedule and timeline originally set out, and we are in regular discussion with our board, supporters and partners about how best to approach this in an altered capacity. We will keep you updated on our discussions, but for now, we are extremely thankful to our 50 assessors who helped ensure that the First Stage Assessments commenced this week by working in social isolation (with vast quantities of coffee) whilst remaining in contact with us.

Our Alumni

Finally, we know this is a hugely challenging time for our alumni and our Business Relationship team are doing all they can to support those with concerns around the future of their business. We will continue to stay in regular contact with all of our winners throughout the entirety of this situation, however long that may be.

So, please be assured that we are doing all that we can to adapt to the current climate and to continue to offer our services and support to those who rely upon it.

I wish you all the very best, please stay safe and on behalf of all of the EDGE Team, a big high-elbow!

Evelyn McDonald, CEO

*Did you know that ‘outwith’ isn’t a recognised word outside of Scotland? True fact!