Wishing you an out of this world Christmas!

Well, what a year that's been. When we entered into 2019, we knew that the 'Lucky13' of 2018 was going to be a tough act to follow, so it was time to go big, astronomic, in fact.

From a highlights perspective, we're a little spoilt for choice. We could say that sending a trophy to the edge of space was light-years (sorry) beyond anything we've ever ventured, or we could state that bringing a real-life Dragon to the stage of the #EDGE15 Final was a blazing way (again, sorry) to end the year. We could even talk about the Zero Waste Scotland supported Circular EDGE Award that we introduced in February, our 'champion of champions' WEDGE Award, or perhaps even our first  Alumni Event held outside of Scotland (but we won't mention the sheep episode).

In reality, however, the year's joint-highlight really belongs to the two great sets of winners who emerged from our Round 14 and Round 15 Finals - each earning themselves up to £150k funding from a collective prize pot of over £2m for the year. These great businesses and the brilliant entrepreneurs behind them are the reason we look forward to every new year at EDGE, and why we never leave a year in regret.  

Never ones to rest on our laurels, however, we've got big plans for the year ahead, including some REALLY BIG impact news, a new partnership that carries HUGE offerings for our winners and EDGE alike, and a refining of our purpose that we can't wait to share with you. Oh, and we'll be awarding more bucket loads of funding to many of Scotland's fantastic entrepreneurs!

But for now, on behalf of the Scottish EDGE team and our funding organisations - the Royal Bank of Scotland, the  Hunter FoundationScottish GovernmentScottish Enterprise and our private and public sector donors, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and good 'elf in 2020!