Wild Card EDGE Public Vote – Round 11

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Following the success of last round’s Wild Card EDGE Public Vote, which saw the winner, Sonik Pocket, go on to secure funding at the live Scottish EDGE Round Ten Final, we’re hugely excited to announce the competition’s return for its fourth outing.

Wild Card EDGE winners Adelie HealthAS D-Zine and lil’POP now have until 2 pm on Wed, 22th Nov, 2017 to convince the public that their product or service has that winning EDGE – deserving of additional funding and support. The business with the highest number of unique votes will be given the opportunity to pitch for up to £100,000 in grant and loan funding at the Scottish EDGE final on Thurs 14th Dec, 2017 (Get your free ticket here).

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The three start-up businesses taking part in the Wild Card EDGE Public Vote were shortlisted from a pool of eleven Wild Card EDGE winners by an expert judging panel, and provide a snapshot of the broad spectrum of businesses who apply for and win the support of Scottish EDGE bi-annually.

Finally, to celebrate our welcoming of Microsoft as our key Round 11 exhibitor, we’ll be giving away a Microsoft Fitbit Watch worth £120 to one lucky voter (chosen at random)!

So, without further ado, here are the three Wild Card EDGE Public Vote pitches!

Adelie Health

Did you know that Scotland has one of the highest rates of diabetes in the world? Living with diabetes is like walking on a tightrope where you are constantly balancing food intake and insulin intake to try to keep your blood glucose levels within range.Liam has lived with diabetes for 15 years and started Adelie Health, a digital health start-up, to develop innovative products to help people with diabetes. Our flagship product is Insulin PenPal, a replacement pen cap that fits on to insulin pens.

Insulin PenPal:

  • Reminds people if an insulin dose is missed
  • Helps people calculate their insulin dose
  • Logs usage to avoid double dosing
  • Send usage data to an app via bluetooth

Winning Scottish EDGE will enable us to work with the best product designers in Scotland to further develop Insulin PenPal and take us one step closer to helping millions of people with diabetes.

Website: www.adeliehealth.com | Twitter: @AdelieHealth

AS D-Zine

Your hydration and performance go hand in hand, just a 2% drop in hydration levels can affect your physical and mental performance by around 20%, this drop can happen within an hour of physical activity. Hydration packs are commonly used throughout various sports and the military. Filling them with anything other than water often leads to bacteria forming, leaving an undesirable aftertaste, bad smell and excessive cleaning.

The Solution – Go~Charge™.

Go~Charge™ is a multi-award-winning, patent-pending hydration product, which can be attached to any hydration pack. It allows you to instantly switch between plain water and a scientifically formulated sports drink as often as you wish. The hydration pack requires no additional cleaning and the device itself is dishwasher safe.

With your help we will have the opportunity to pitch live at the final for £100,000. This will be spent on staffing, production and marketing.

For Peak Performance™, Go~Charge™

Website: www.asd-zine.co.uk
Twitter:  @AS_D_Zine


lil’POP is a delicious popped sorghum snack! It looks like miniature popcorn, but is made with a grain that saves precious water resources. Sorghum is a drought-resilient crop requiring no irrigation and is packed full of nutrients – predicted to be the next quinoa! But lil’POP isn’t just a snack. It’s a brave and ambitious brand, raising awareness of global water scarcity and changing the world for the better!

With our supply chain in place, we will be introducing our first flavour to the world come the new year! While we’re nearly ready to launch, winning £100,000 of Scottish EDGE funding will help us establish distribution, build our internal team, and get lil’POP into the hands of consumers.

Join us in showing the world how absolutely incredible sorghum is and that the lil’ things have a massive impact.

  • We’re popping pioneers
  • We’re water-wise
  • We’re unleashing positive power

Much love,
Sydney & the lil’ pops

Website: www.thelilpops.com
SM handles: @thelilpops

The public vote will close at 2pm on Wed, 22nd Nov, 2017. The winner will be announced on Thurs, 23th Nov, 2017.

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You can also get involved in the Wild Card EDGE Public Vote on social media using the hashtag #WCEDGEVote.

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