Scottish EDGE Round 10: Meet the Finalists!

In what a collective panel of 15 expert judges deemed a highly competitive Scottish EDGE round 10 semi-final – spread over three days and featuring fifty-seven great Scottish start-ups – eighteen businesses have been selected to pitch in front of a panel of industry-leading professionals, for up to £100,000 of Scottish EDGE funding and support.

Taking place on Thursday, June 22nd, 2017 at the Royal Bank of Scotland’s Gogarburn Conference Centre (get your free ticket here), the Scottish EDGE Round Ten final will showcase Scotland’s most innovative, high-growth potential start-ups, with a prize pot of over £1 million available to boost Scotland’s economy by supporting the country’s small businesses.

The finalists, which represent a broad range of industries from across Scotland, will be given ten minutes each to pitch their company and answer the questions of an expert panel. The businesses’ pitches will also be watched by an audience of over 500 members of the public, investors, business leaders and entrepreneurship supporters.

The Scottish EDGE Round Ten finalists are:

Actiph Water – Producing, marketing and selling an alkaline ionised bottled water which is the first of its kind in Europe. Our water is different to any other water for the following reasons; Alkaline – Bottled at pH 10 is the most alkaline water in the world; Antioxidant – Is the most powerful antioxidant on the market (over 5x as powerful as green tea); Hydration – Hydrates faster than any spring/mineral water due to the ionisation process changing the structure and memory of water by reducing the micro-clustering

ARX Defence – ARX Defence are a technology company for the commercial maritime sector with a focus on providing innovate solutions to improve safety, operational effectiveness and security

Asura Financial Technologies Limited – Provides unique solutions for brokerages that automates all aspects of Stockbroking, including trading, customer relationship management, back office administration and finance. By integrating all of the required functionality into one easy to use platform and removing the need for manual intervention, Asura Financial Technologies also provides customers with average cost savings of over £300,000 per annum.

EBar Initiatives – EBar Initiatives Ltd wants to help consumers enjoy events by eliminating the headache of long bar queues. Our first product is the EBarTM device; an innovative self-service rapid beverage dispenser, capable of pouring the perfect pint in under 3 seconds.

GeoGeo – Since 2012, GeoGeo has been assisting communities, organisations and governments adopt cutting-edge mapping technologies. We champion the use of technologies that can help to lower the barriers of access so that more agencies can benefit from using state of the art geographic information.

GK-Un Limited – GK-UN Limited is a Goalkeeper specific sportswear business within the Football sector. We have developed and launched a collection of Goalkeeper gloves that provide performance advantages to our customers. This differentiates our products from others on the market, and delivers on our mission; To make the life of a goalkeeper easier with everything we do.

Hermes Apps t/a Beezer – SaaS platform that allows SME’s to build, publish and manage an App quickly, cost effectively using our plugin and styling marketplace with no coding or App store approval required. Our game-changing USP allows anyone with a BEEZER App to Share the App instantly across hitherto incompatible platforms/devices.

Kingdom Innovative Technologies – Kinnotech is a start-up business focused on the design and manufacture of a solar powered lantern targeting off-grid markets. Kinnotech aims to use innovation to develop modular products with a long life cycle. The business motivated by profitability through impacting on lives and reducing carbon emission.

MIME Technologies – MIME Technologies design innovative software to support international first response on the frontline of emergency care. Our solutions use Bluetooth® sensors to enable real-time monitoring of vital signs helping identify patient deterioration or improvement. We capture, report and communicate on-scene patient data. Our mission is to help revolutionise frontline care.

MindMate – MindMate is an app disrupting the way people age. Unlike other apps in this space, MindMate is providing exercises to keep mind AND body sharp, while assessing the risk of developing cognitive decline (or assess the stage of cognitive decline) and propose science-based interventions. MindMate has 125,000 Monthly Active Users.

My Way Digital Health – Diabetes is a growing health problem. MyDiabetesMyWay (MDMW) is a multi-award winning, cost saving online data-driven self-management portal for people with diabetes, developed by University of Dundee with >25,000 registrants across Scotland. Spin out company, MyWay Digital Health aims to realise its global commercial potential and improve healthcare outcomes internationally.

Neatebox – Neatebox is an inclusive solutions led company which focuses on creating and providing products that improve the quality of life for specific users but which ultimately aims to provide and support an inclusive society. We are keen to promote this as an industry standard that others should adopt.

Pacla Medical – Edinburgh based Pacla Medical is developing ‘Robo-Physio’, an automated spinal massage device. Robo-Physio has 36 robotic fingers designed to stimulate the spinal muscles while a user is lying on the back to relieve back stiffness. The company ran a successful crowd-funding campaign with enthusiastic customers and the product launch is planned for October 2017.

Premiership Experience – Premiership Experience are an award winning sports tour operator working in partnership with the leading English Premier League, European and MLS clubs to offer unrivalled access to life at the highest level of the beautiful game; whilst also providing a fantastic range of opportunities for groups to attend other prestigious sporting events.

Ratagon – Millions of rats swarm the earth carrying disease, eating our food and damaging our homes yet barbaric trapping methods have remained unchanged. Using cutting-edge science and innovative technology we have invented, tested and patented an ethical, painless trapping device that using no poisons, brings trapping into the 21st century.

Staels Design – Staels Design was formed to meet unmet needs in rehabilitation product design and aims to be the centre of expertise of heating and cooling in the healthcare industry, actively preventing the formation of pressure ulcers. The company’s first product, ‘WheelAir®’, seeks to alleviate a number of pain points currently faced by wheelchair users.

The People’s Energy Company – People’s Energy is an innovative supplier of gas and electricity to the UK domestic market. We will; Pay 75% of profits back to the customers; Give shares and votes to customers – 75% ownership after 2 years and 100% customer ownership after 7 years; Provide transparent tariffs – the customer will see the wholesale prices we pay.

Turtle Pack – Turtle Pack is an innovative flotation device designed to teach children how to swim effectively. Turtle Pack is the world’s first turtle shaped progressional swimming stabilizer. Created by swimmers for the benefit of swimmers.

The jam-packed day of pitching, networking and mingling amongst key exhibitors will culminate with the evening awards ceremony – during which we’ll be announcing the winners of the day’s Scottish EDGE pitching rounds and unveiling the prizes across our other three categories; Young EDGE, Wildcard EDGE, and Higgs EDGE.