Wild Card EDGE R10 Winners Announced

Earlier this week, 21 Scottish start-up businesses took a walk on the Wild (Card EDGE) Side, in what an expert panel of judges deemed to be an exceptionally high standard final. So high in fact, that 12, rather than 10, successfully pitched their way to a winning position – securing grant funding of up to £10,000 from the allocated £100,000 Wild Card EDGE prize pot. It is with great pleasure, therefore, that we can today reveal the businesses who will be collecting their award at the Scottish EDGE Round 10 Final on 22 June 2017 at the Royal Bank of Scotland’s Gogarburn campus (grab a ticket here). The actual amount won by each business will not be disclosed until the award ceremony.

Designed to support pre-trading Scottish businesses on their start-up journey, the award also carries a non-financial support package, provided by Scottish EDGE’s various partner organisations. Furthermore, Wild Card EDGE is a proven identifier of potential Scottish EDGE category winners of future rounds, with five of the past Wild Card EDGE winners going on to win amounts up to £100,000 in subsequent rounds.

Scottish EDGE Round 10 Wild Card EDGE Winners:

BUBLBag: BUBL Bags are designed to replace cardboard boxes, jiffy bags and bubble wrap by providing better protection at a lower cost. BUBL Bags require very little space to store, are recyclable and easy to use.

Cascade Water Products: Cascade Water Products help their customers save money on water bills by fitting innovative greywater recycling systems in buildings with large volumes of human traffic.

Colour Elements: A colour focussed retail support app, providing a sustainable method of shopping that’s centred on the person and celebrates all that makes them unique.

Hippo and Hedgehog: Hippo and Hedgehog tailors African ingredients to the UK taste bud. With a mission to share the vibrancy of Africa through Healthy, Happy and Helpful innovations.

Lessons2Go: Simplifying the process of finding the best driving instructor to suit your needs through a driving lesson booking app.

PlayerData: PlayerData is currently in the process of developing a revolutionary wearable that captures your biometrics and motion data in high fidelity.

Roomerical: Roomerical is developing state-of-the-art acoustic simulation software for acousticians and architects, based on five years of world-class research into wave simulation.

Sonik Pocket: Sonik Pocket is an innovative, multiple revenue generating, online education and shopping platform for children that supports financial learning, in a fun, safe and secure environment.

StrathAero: StrathAero is an aerospace design and manufacturing company specialising in hybrid Vertical Takeoff and Landing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (VTOL UAVs) offering increased payloads and range.

Teqnox: Teqnox Limited is an innovative start up company that designs body protection for equestrian sport. It was founded by director Carmen Cummiskey after it was identified that current body protection was bulky, restrictive and often difficult to get on.

The Drinks Bakery: The Drinks Bakery is a premium snack food innovation business with the ambition to create more thoughtful snacks that are flavour profiled so they compliment [alcoholic] drinks for an ever more discerning and brand aware audience.

Turtle Pack: Turtle Pack is an innovative flotation device designed to teach children how to swim effectively. Turtle Pack is the world’s first turtle shaped progressional swimming stabilizer. Created by swimmers for the benefit of swimmers.

In addition to selecting 12 Wild Card EDGE winners, the judging panel was tasked with selecting three of those businesses to go on to a public voting competition, the winner of which will be invited to pitch at the Scottish EDGE Final for an award of up to £100,000 in the current round. Details of this vote will follow next week.

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