Scottish EDGE Round 10 Pitching Workshop Dates

Our Scottish EDGE Round Ten 1st stage assessments are complete and the results are out! If you’re going to be pitching in our Young EDGE Final, Wild Card EDGE Final or Scottish EDGE Semi-final, then be sure to come along to one of our workshops – kindly hosted by Entrepreneurial Spark and STEP Scotland (in collaboration with Mel Sherwood) in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Stirling.

This practical workshop will give you advice and training on how to produce a perfect pitch, from how to present confidently to ensuring you communicate a meaningful and succinct message.

This will cover….

Clarifying the pitch objective

Understanding the audience (judging panel) and the Scottish EDGE criteria:

– What is their level of knowledge about you or what you’re offering?
– What elements of what you do will they want to hear about?
– What do you want them to think/feel/do as a result of hearing your pitch?
– Understanding the key elements of the Scottish EDGE criteria

Creating the content

Identifying and understanding the areas to cover (and not cover) in the pitch to enhance the application:

– Attention grabbing hook
– Problem/Painpoint
– Solution
– Market Size
– Customers
– Sales strategy/route to market
– Revenue model
– Competition
– Team / partners / advisors
– Traction
– Financials
– Ask

Plus how to bring the pitch to life by:

– Incorporating stories
– Interpreting facts and data in an engaging manner
– Using products, props and other visual aids
– Limiting the word count so the delivery is not rushed

Pitching Workshops:

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