Scottish EDGE 8: Higgs EDGE Winners Announced

Two Scottish start-up businesses have won the Scottish EDGE’s competition for technology and science-focused businesses, the Higgs EDGE. RotoMotor and Soltropy were selected as winners from a group of five finalists, each of whom pitched to a panel of expert judges last Friday in an attempt to win the Scottish EDGE’s top prizes of £150,000 and £100,000. The companies must now wait until the Scottish EDGE round eight final on June 20th, 2016 to discover which of the prizes they have been awarded, and to collect the Scottish EDGE’s business support package which has been put together by a variety of partner organisations.

Higgs EDGE, which was launched as a new category during round seven of the Scottish EDGE, is a special award aimed at entrepreneurs who have a company that has applied leading edge technology to an innovative product, or product under development in the Science, Technology or Engineering sector, which has the potential to be world leading and could be commercialized on a global scale. The three companies who were unsuccessful in pitching for Higgs EDGE will now pitch at the Scottish EDGE final.

Announcing the Higgs EDGE winners, Evelyn McDonald, CEO of Scottish EDGE, said; “Higgs EDGE demonstrates the importance of technological innovation to the Scottish economy. Today, we’re delighted to be able to announce Rotomotor and Soltropy as our round eight Higgs EDGE winners. The technologies they have developed are truly groundbreaking and our panel of expert judges were in no doubt that these companies have the ability to be hugely successful on the global stage. We look forward to playing a part in their journey, and to providing support and mentorship as they develop and commercialise their innovations in the years ahead.”

RotoMotor, an Aberdeen-based business founded by Jonathan Marsh, have invented the world’s first three-dimensional pump, a revolutionary concept in pump design changing the way we think about the pump and renewables markets. RotoMotor technology offers game changing potential to a $70 billion industry, by producing multiples of flow rates and higher pressures than centrifugal pumps.

Soltropy, whose founders Stuart Speake and Martin Gilchrist are based in Glasgow, have invented, a patented, modular solar thermal collector solution which allows the system to freeze without causing damage and means existing tanks can be used to store the hot water produced. This increases the efficiency of the system and reduces capital and installation costs by eliminating the need to replace existing hot water tanks.