ScotEdge 2014 Winners

During the course of the day, we heard some great pitches from all of our finalists. The following companies are the winners of the ScotEdge 2014 Round 5 Final.

Safetray Products Ltd Awarded – £31,000

Invented and manufactured in Scotland, G-Holds are rotating, fold-flat handholds for comfortably and securely gripping your tablets or readers with one hand. Users can now hold their devices with a G-Hold for taking photos and videos, presenting, watching TV, reading in bed or emailing on the move.

Invented and manufactured in Scotland, G-Holds are rotating, fold-flat handholds for comfortably and securely gripping your tablets or readers with one hand. Users can now hold their devices with a G-Hold for taking photos and videos, presenting, watching TV, reading in bed or emailing on the move.

MARA seaweed Awarded – £50,000

MARA seaweed (Celtic Sea Spice Co. Ltd) produces a range of artisan seaweed seasonings from Scotland’s superfood of the sea. Easy-to-use and mineral-rich, MARA has developed an innovative, vertically integrated business model by adding value to Scotland’s most natural, sustainable and ‘new’ food resource – seaweed, which we farm, harvest and produce ourselves. MARA’s ambition is to develop a global brand, with a plan to be a £7m revenue company in the next 5 years, with 70% of earnings from exports.

Beauty Kitchen Awarded – £30,000

Beauty Kitchen has a range of 100% natural, affordable and effective beauty products. They have an integrated marketing proposition that engages the consumer in the personalised, ethical and craft aspects of its products. All of its off-the-shelf products are available through high street retailers (mainly Holland & Barrett) and ethical stores and customers can also come to the Beauty Kitchen shop to learn how to make it themselves.

Trans World Soccer Awarded – £45,000

Trans World Soccer is a values-led sports tour operator that gives school groups and youth clubs of all abilities the opportunity to experience life as a superstar footballer.

Snap40 Awarded – £40,000

snap40 is developing a patient health early warning system for the hospital and community environment. This will reduce the incidence of avoidable deteriorations and the number of unnecessary admissions, saving lives and producing significant economic and clinical benefits for customers.

nooQ Awarded – £32,000

nooQ develops data visualisation software products to stop information overload. Unlike Yammer & Slack our software keeps everyone informed without being overloaded with irrelevant messages. Turn up the volume on people and subjects you want to hear more from, turn down and mute those whom you don’t. 

West Coast Foods Awarded – £100,000

West Coast Foods is an innovative and progressive food manufacturer and producer committed to providing the finest Scotch produce, with a proven track record in creating growth and employment and now plan to advance our Wild Game Business.

Swipii – Awarded – £20,000

Swipii is a tablet-based digital loyalty solution for SMEs to drive their customers back more often and increase revenues and profits. We work with local businesses to create bespoke loyalty programmes with rewards specific to each individual business to reflect the store’s personality, culture and business objectives.

The Lobster Pod Awarded £100,000

The Lobster Pod is an innovative, patent pending live shellfish transportation system. Lobster Pod solves a real problem in the supply chain of shellfish in an innovative way helping customers save money, increase profits, improve animal welfare and create both sustainable fisheries and fishing communities.

Pulsetta Foods Awarded – £50,000

Pulsetta Foods is a healthy eating and gluten-free food company. Pulsetta products include savoury and sweet biscuits, breadcrumbs, breads and rolls. The Pulsetta range is multi-award winning, including five Great Taste Awards and two Healthy Eating Awards, and has a granted patent. 

Hectares Awarded £50,000

Hectares is the UK’s leading dedicated sweet potato crisp brand. Their range includes three flavours available in 35g and 100g bags. Since launching in March 2014 they have secured a number of high profile customers including BP and Tesco.

Dunnet Bay Distillers Awarded £50,000

Our company Dunnet Bay Distillers started production in August 2014 and our goal is to create spirits which reflect the Caithness way. We hand distil slowly, thoughtfully and passionately to create an exceptional product.  Rock Rose Gin is our first product and it uses a rose found in the nearby cliffs and a blend of local and traditional botanicals to create a unique taste from Caithness in the Highlands of Scotland. 

Sunamp Ltd Awarded £50,000

Sunamp Ltd is a world leader in thermal energy storage, having developed heat batteries, using non toxic phase change materials.  Twice as much heat is consumed in the UK economy as electricity, so heat storage is the key to making renewables, – solar PV, heat pumping and on a larger scale wind – and energy efficiency work.  Sunamp Heat Batteries provide an efficient, scalable, cost saving solution.

Chocolati Awarded £27,000

With determination and passion, Chocolati has become one of the fastest growing handmade chocolate companies in Scotland.  Supplying over 200 small independents with personalised products, Chocolati have now secured the license for Maw Broons, which is currently being stocked in Dobbies, with major retailers to follow.

Smoother Spirits Ltd Awarded £52,000

Uisge Source is a range of bottled waters from private springs close to the leading distilleries in the whisky regions of Scotland.  The chemistry of Uisge Source waters matches the chemistry of the waters used by the distilleries so the character of the spirit is retained.  Launch in autumn 2012, Uisge Source is now available in 12 countries.

Our Young EDGE Winners

VH Innovation

VH Innovation Ltd presents the next generation in joint protection for the manual trades industry – The Recoil Kneepad! Through an innovative design and patent pending pressure reduction system, which reduces pressure on the knee by up to 36%, this is the most comfortable and protective knee pad to hit the market yet! Awarded – £6,500


Trtl (pronounced as turtle) have created the Sleepscarf – the next generation of travel pillow. It’s the most comfortable way to sleep on the go; cleverly engineered to look like a scarf whilst still providing more support than any other travel pillow in the world. Trtl are now stocked in major European airports, including Heathrow and  Barcelona and have recently launched in Dixons Travel, achieving listings in 22 stores across the UK. Awarded – £10,000

Reinvent  Life Sciences

Reinvent Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. is a healthcare company situated in Scotland that develops innovative products to help people achieve a better and healthier lifestyle. After 12 months of intensive research Reinvent Life Sciences has formulated the UK’s First After-Party Replenishment Drink. Awarded – £5,000

Blind Spot Gear

Blind Spot Gear created a unique film lighting system over six months and brought it to market via a successful Kick-starter campaign which raised over £45k. Since then they have promoted their system worldwide and are working to build their product range. Awarded – £10,000


intelligentpos® a product of Intelligent Point of Sale – is an iPad and cloud based point of sale app which allows retail and hospitality businesses to process transactions with portable hardware and flexible software. Awarded – £7,000

Hannah Whisky Merchants

An authentic independent bottler that specializes in rare and high quality whisky, Hannah Whisky Merchant’s Ltd sells deluxe malt and grain whisky through the elegantly Scottish brand Lady of the Glen.  Awarded – £7,500

Space Budgie

Space Budgie is a Dundee based independent games studio. With a focus upon games that do more than solely entertain, our titles teach concepts and educate, tackling unexplored and difficult topics through the medium of games. Awarded – £10,000

FreeFlow Technologies

FreeFlow Technologies offers innovative products and solutions to the Transport and leisure market place. We have developed the worlds lightest powered to weight Electric Vehicle that we are bringing to market in 2015. Awarded – £5,000

Hidden Armada

Hidden Armada is a games studio developing concepts with innovative use of technology. Currently working on Mutiny! a multiplayer pirate brawler where up to 16 players can use phones to control the action on TV, while using their device screen to view secret information to gain an advantage over opponents. Awarded – £6,500

Speyside Craft Brewery

The beers it produces use the same water as Speyside single malt whisky, a quality main ingredient that allows the full flavour of the various beers to shine through.  The brewery currently has a core range of six beers and produces eight seasonal ‘specials’ for the cask market. Awarded – £7,500